Your child’s opportunity to transform his or her health and environment.

Concrete Safaris’ City Surfers is a creative mix of activities that encourage children and youth (Grades 3-6) to get outside, explore their communities and discover new worlds of possibility. By choosing their own adventures incorporating our six core activities your child will build their leadership skills while learning how to live a healthy, active life.

Where & When Is City Surfers' Summer Program?

PS 57 on 115th Street between Lexington and Third Avenues

Our workshops are mostly outdoors in Jefferson and Washington Houses, local parks, and on city streets as well as at cultural institutions and activities in and around New York City.

Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays: October 9th, 2018 - June 14, 2019

2:20 - 5:30 p.m.

Activities May Include:

Bike Riding Lessons & Tours

Whether s/he knows how to ride a bike or wants to learn, your child will gain essential riding and safety skills, leading to urban adventures in local parks like the East River Esplanade and Central Park. S/he will also create bike route maps, which will be posted online for neighbors to share.

Hiking in NYC Parks

Your child will explore amazing and beautiful spaces within New York City Parks, see wildlife in their natural habitats, and get lots of fun exercise.

Health Promotion

Your child will learn how promote a healthy lifestyle in our community, including conducting community surveys and implementing print, word-of-mouth, and social media campaigns. 


Your child will work with their group to develop garden-based projects that improve their health and contribute to the environment in which they live, including design and installing gardens. Our outdoor, year-round classrooms, Paradise Garden, Mad Fun Farm, and Sunshine Slope in Washington Houses (98th Street & Third Avenue) and Jefferson Gardens in Jefferson Houses (113th Street & Second Avenue), foster each child's potential by giving him or her a place to dream and do within a safe, nurturing, and natural environment, which they help create. Your child will grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs as well as perennial butterfly plants, which attract beautiful butterflies and birds.

Obstacle Race Design & Fitness

Your child will learn how to design obstacles, promote, and secure permits for our street-based obstacle races in East Harlem. S/he will also improve fitness by training for the big races. For more info about the race, go to

Nature Art & Photo

Your child will create art and take photos in nature.


In all of our above workshops, City Surfers have the opportunity to learn how to speak their minds and become an effective public speaker. By not only learning about each topic, but also learning how to teach, your child will share healthy living principles with peers, family members, volunteers, and the greater community. Select students will also have the opportunity to speak at public forums and present conference workshops. Students will also have the opportunity to reflect and write in their journals multiple days per week.

Concrete Safaris’ Code of Conduct actively works to instill the values of respect, responsibility, uniqueness, listening, learning, leadership, exercise, healthy eating, sharing, safety and fun in all of our kids. Each week your child will return home knowing more about themselves, their city and their environment and looking forward to the activities that they’ll choose to do next week. You will likely find them asking to play outside more on the weekends and to eat healthier snacks, too.


Your child may have the opportunity to go on a camping trip to Gateway National Recreation Area. Activities may include wilderness skills workshops, fishing, cycling, touring historical sites, cooking, photography, and more. 



Children will build their:

  • Self-esteem by making core decisions
  • Health, learning fitness and healthy eating
  • Independence as they learn to move around their city
  • Problem solving skills as they transform their environment into a healthier place
  • Portfolio of experiences as they participate in community service and prepare for middle and high school readiness and admission


AGES: City Surfers is for 3rd - 6th grades.

EQUIPMENT: Bicycles, helmets, garden tools and gloves, cameras, and all other Concrete Safaris gear will be made available to your child during City Surfers at no additional cost.

CLOTHING: You will be responsible for bringing items on the Gear List (e.g.shorts, t-shirts, sneakers), which will be sent to you upon acceptance. Most items on this list are likely items that you already own. You will be expected to send your child in a layered, weather-appropriate outfit. Sandals, fashion shoes, and fashion socks are not permitted. Shorts are not permitted in winter.

FOOD & DRINK: Breakfast and lunch will be served. You will be responsible for sending your child with a reusable bottle of water every day. Make sure to put your child's name on the bottle. Please be aware that due to the physical nature of our programs your child may only eat at designated times pending medical requirements. No junk food. For a list of healthy snack suggestions, please ask. Your child may not share food or drinks with anyone.  

PICK-UP & DROP-OFF: 1) Your child must arrive by 2:30 p.m. in our designated meeting space. Snack will be served. 2) You and/or the designated adult listed in your child's application will be responsible for picking up your child unless you indicate that your child can walk home alone in the application. 3) You will be responsible for making the site supervisor aware of any adults who are not allowed to pick up or drop off your child. 4) You will be responsible for making sure your child is picked up from our site on time. Your child must depart between 5:30 and 5:45 p.m. -- Monday - Friday. 

OUTDOORS: While some workshops will occur indoors, the program will largely occur outdoors rain or shine. Lightning, hail, sleet, or other hazardous weather will move all workshops indoors. Your child may return home with dirty clothes. If this is a problem, please send an alternative outfit with your child and alert the site supervisor that s/he needs to change clothes upon arrival.

PARTICIPATION: Your child is expected to attend the City Surfers program every day. Three unexcused absences are grounds for dismissal.

CORE VALUES: Concrete Safaris creates an environment where children practice Core Values and life skills, including Respect, Responsibility, Unique-ness (his or her best self), Listening, Learning, Leadership, Energy (Exercising and Eating Healthfully), Sharing, Safety, and Fun. Your child’s inability to follow the rules is grounds for suspension and dismissal.

MEDICAL CLEARANCE: You must submit a letter of approval from your doctor for your child's participation, a copy of his or her most recent physical, and a copy of your child's medical insurance card prior to acceptance. NO EXCEPTIONS!

NOTIFICATION OF PARTICIPATION: You will be notified of your child's acceptance by email and/or telephone. Submitting an application and past participation do not guarantee acceptance.

SAFETY: Due to the outdoor nature of this program, your child must be able to listen, follow directions, and walk in a straight line with other students both inside the building and outdoors when required. Any child unable to fulfill these basic requirements will be dismissed.

ORIENTATION: A parent or guardian of the child must participate in an in-person orientation the week prior to the start date. 

ELECTRONICS & POKEMON: Cell phones, electronic game devices, and Pokemon cards are not permitted during program hours. 

Registration Applications & Deadlines

This program is free. However, there is a $10 non-refundable fee for City Surfers, which will cover your child's program t-shirt. You may be asked to contribute towards special field trips and activities. 

City Surfers: Applications

All City Surfers applicants must complete an application form. Click HERE for yours. 

What you will need BEFORE completing this application online:

A. Your child's most recent report card

B. 3-4 sentences written by your child about what s/he would like to do at Concrete Safaris. We are looking for leadership, fitness, adventure, game, and nature art ideas. MUST BE WRITTEN BY YOUR CHILD.

C. A physical completed by your physician. You may use the following form or the form provided by your physician. PRINT EXAMINATION FORM or use your doctor's physical form.

Once the above are received, Concrete Safaris will submit a form to your child's teacher indicating that s/he is ready for this program, if s/he is a new applicant. This is mandatory for new City Surfers. We will give that to your teacher once your application is submitted.

All documents can be scanned and uploaded into the application or delivered to our office at 158 East 115th Street, Suite 144 (at Lexington Avenue). If our office is closed, there will be a box at the security table where you can submit your paperwork. Please submit all application parts at once as we cannot accept your child without all paperwork.


Application Deadline: We accept applications on a rolling basis. Application does not guarantee acceptance. If your child's teachers and/or the school and/or our staff do not believe your child will be able to practice safety skills at all times, your child will not be accepted to the program. If s/he has already been accepted and safety protocols are not followed, suspension from the program will occur and you will be notified. 


Still have questions? Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information with the subject heading: "City Surfers: Application." You may also phone us at 646.869.1503.