Green Exercise Days are an outdoor field trip opportunity that will educate your students about neighborhood health.
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In the Garden

Third graders in NYC School District 4 are invited for four seasonal field trips to our gardens in East Harlem's Jefferson and Washington Houses. Children will learn about environmental health, gardening, urbanism, and outdoor play as they rotate around a 4-module, educational obstacle course. Youth and volunteers install segments of the master plans for Mad Fun Farm & Jefferson Gardens, created by children in City Surfers, while learning how to improve their health. Together, they might plant vegetables and herbs, create garden art, complete an fitness routine with exercises like lunges and hula hooping, spread woodchips to create garden paths, or plant shrubs. They also do social science research to learn more about how the community would like to improve the space and then implement those changes. We invite children to participate from schools, community centers, and of course the developments where our gardens are based.

On Bicycles

Volunteers cycle with our City Surfers on urban adventures throughout New York City, which can include fishing, games, healthy snacks, and more.

On the Street

Concrete Safaris hosts a Block Party during the summer for a full day of outdoor play for neighborhood children. We can also close a street near you and organize an urban play experience in your neighborhood.

Interested in registering your class(es) or camp group(s) for a Green Exercise Day? Teachers and program administrators, complete our Inquiry Form, and we'll get back to you soon.