Concrete Safaris' Outdoor Leadership Academy is an internship program for 14-24-year-olds divided into three cohorts -- gardening, outdoor play, and entrepreneurship. Interns may start working with Concrete Safaris during the school year or summer time, building professional skills as they learn how to:

  • Co-lead children and families in educational outdoor experiences.
  • Maintain gardens spread across 9-acres of open space in Washington and Jefferson Houses, lead garden tours and community events, and distribute free food to neighbors.
  • Fix bicycles, design bike routes and obstacle courses, and host obstacle events for children.
  • Start their own garden-based venture, creating a business plan, selling produce grown from our gardens, generating press, developing customer e-newsletter and database, and recruiting volunteers ao-lead children and families in educational outdoor experiences.

What are Outdoor Internship Academy Interns saying about their experiences?

When we visited the NYC Department of Transportation, it made me think about being an engineer in the future. The internship also taught me that I don’t like to work outdoors. I didn’t think I’d make friends, but I did.” –Yahaira

The internship taught me a lot more than I expected. It has made me value school more and careerwise it has taught me that there are so many opportunities out there for me. It has also opened my mind to possible career choices. I now know I can push myself and do quality work that I thought I could not achieve before [this internship].” –Melody 

“Hi, my name is Adam and when I was younger I always wanted to be my own boss. When I heard about what Concrete Safaris had to offer, it grabbed my attention making me feel like this would be a really great choice for me. Growing up I realized that it's better to make your own choices than letting other people make them for you. The first couple of weeks of working at Concrete Safaris made me realize that I still want to be my own boss. Seeing how hard the staff work shows that they must have really worked hard to get to where they are. I feel that I am ready to take on all of the hard work for my future.” -Adam

This internship helped me to a high degree. I wanted to know what it takes to be a gardener and now I know. I have finally experienced what it is like to work.” -Steve

Featured: Interns interview pedestrians and cyclists on local bridges to determine foot and bike traffic as well as improved use of public space.
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Featured: All hands on deck as the interns deliver basil to a local restaurant after securing their first sale. Congratulations! 
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Featured: Happy guests on our summer tour, led by OLA Interns at the 2015 NO Violence event in Jefferson Houses.