Team Concrete Safaris races for children's environmental health at the 2017 NYC Triathlon.

Funds raised for this event will support our year-round after school and summer program called City Surfers. 7 - 11 - year olds living in and around East Harlem's public housing projects grow over an acre of gardens around their homes, cycle, swim, run, play games, make nature art, practice leadership skills, advocate for health policy change, and generally kick butt!  

The lottery sells out each year, so supporting a Charity Partner like Concrete Safaris is your only way in..... Join Team Concrete Safaris by racing as:

1. One individual entry with a $2,000 minimum fundraising goal by race day. You will be responsible for running, cycling, and swimming the entire course, and raising the funds.

2. One team relay entry with a $3,000 minimum fundraising goal by race day. Two - three individuals may run, swim, or race those sections of the course, and each individual will be responsible for raising $1,000 of the goal. 

For your participation, you will receive:photo

1. a rockin' Concrete Safaris logo t-shirt also guaranteed to be a great conversation starter

2. your very own cheering squad comprised of our City Surfers, staff, and volunteers

3. fundraising advice from Concrete Safaris' executive director

4. an online fundraising tool to keep track of your contributions

5. introductions to Team Concrete Safaris, other folks like you who are racing for our kids

6. the opportunity to ditch work or school to cycle or run with our kids during City Surfers either after school or over the summer

7. invites to our regular volunteer days as a celebrity guest to share your experience on Team Concrete Safaris

Thanks to Team Captain Dave Adler (right) and Board Member Mandy for leading our efforts. Got questions or ready to sign up for 2017? Email mac at concrete safaris dot org with the subject line "NYC Tri 2015 Inquiry."

Featured Athlete
Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 3.49.00 PM

How to make exercise a part of your life

By Mike Zapata, Team Concrete Safaris' 2014 NYC Tri Racer

Follow these three key steps:

1) Work towards a goal- “I want to be healthy” is not a goal, it’s a desire. Set definite goals that you can work towards. This helps you achieve daily accomplishments that pay off over time, which become part of your life and who you are. Examples are: “Going to eat two fruits a day,” “Go for a walk three times a week,” “Workout four times a week,” “Run that race in three months." (Sign up now to lock yourself in!). Accomplishments build confidence and help to instill habits.

2) Take small steps- Exercise is very individual, so understand where you are and work to improve yourself. We all have to start somewhere- don’t worry about how little or how much someone else is doing. The goal is to grow over time and taking small steps helps to ensure you grow according to your level. Increase and adjust the goals over time as your steps get bigger.

3) Most important, have fun.