COVID-19 Response

Restore Outdoor Leadership Academy Funding

$ 236,000 per Year
  • $76K for 108 Youth Internship Stipends
  • $161K for Staffing & Supplies

NYC Open Streets Program on East 115th Street

$20,000 Per Year
  • Staffing and PPE to support East Harlem residents’ mental + physical health outdoors in the spring and summer

Garden Volunteerism

$ 70,000 Per Year
  • Staffing, plants, & equipment for garden-based volunteerism Mondays and Fridays at Jefferson Gardens, Wednesdays and Thursdays at Mad Fun Farm, and one Saturday per month at each garden

Build A Healthy Community

Sponsor an outdoor education, play, exploration, or community engagement project that benefits the children or youth served and the community. Projects cost between $10,000 and $50,000 or more. Once you've made your donation, we'll match it with one or more projects to maximize impact.

Outdoor Education

$ 10,000
  • City Surfers After School
  • City Surfers Vacation & Camp Programming
  • Outdoor Leadership Academy Internships
  • Green Exercise Day Field Trips To Our Gardens

Outdoor Play & Exploration

  • Daily Cycling & Fitness Workshops
  • Weekly Field Trips Around Manhattan
  • Weekly Obstacle Race Design Workshops
  • Annual Camping Trip

Community Engagement

$ 3,500
  • JungleGym 2020
  • Holiday Events For The Community In Our Gardens
  • Bi-Annual Photo Exhibitions of Children's & Youth's Work
  • Annual Holiday Party For Kids, Interns, & Families

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