Hustle & Strive 5K is an outdoor Walk/Run Fundraising Event on Randall's Island.

Walk or run so kids and youth can build outdoor leadership skills and experiences all year round.

How It Works

Step 1 - Register a Walk Squad or Join One

Start or join a Walk Squad of up to 6 people

Walking Squads get in their steps.

It costs $25/person to register, and a minimum of $100 per person OR $600 per squad must be raised by 11/23/24 at 8AM to check in for Hustle & Strive 5K 2024.

Pick a Squad name ... which can be changed as many times as you like (so don't let this stop progress)

Step 2 - Raise Buckets of Bread

Yes, we give you an attainable minimum, AND ALSO this event supports free after school and summer camp for children in East Harlem so give it your all

The Squad minimums are attainable and most people reach them with speed. That is the goal!

New to fundraising? No worries. We've got tips and tools for you to raise funds through social media, email, word-of-mouth, and more.

Individuals and Squads have until Saturday, 11/23/24, to raise the minimum but also to raise the bar!

Step 3 - Plan

Be unique with your theme/costume (from superhero characters to matching outfits). The more fun, the better.

Prizes will go to Individuals and Squads with highest fundraising, most positive energy, best costumes, and quickest times for walking/running.

All finishers will receive bragging rights, and we'll take your photo. You already know though.

Step 4 - Walk/Run & Cheer Outdoors!

Join us on Saturday, 11/23/24, on Randall's Island. Arrive at 8AM to check-in, meet up with your Squad, and get stoked!

No matter your pace, we'll all meet for refreshments and music at the park to celebrate all of the great adventures that children and youth will be able to experience because of your sweat and heart!

Photo Left: Children learned how to ride their bikes during our after school school program, and then went on an adventure with their families from East Harlem to Randall's Island.

Note 1: Squads with child(ren) must have at least two adult Squad-mates.

Note 2: At least one of those adults must stay with the child(ren) at all times.