Concrete Safaris’ PlacemakingCorps is a grantee of Public Health AmeriCorps and receives funds from its State and National program. Individuals, ages 17+, serve for 2 - 10.5 months exploring a career in public and environmental health and placemaking, while supporting youth development and community building. Through direct service, planning, and leadership of child and youth-centered environmental health service learning projects, AmeriCorps members will gain skills and confidence to develop as leaders. Public Health AmeriCorps members will educate children and youth on environmental health, facilitating implementation of their visions for a healthy neighborhood through gardening, outdoor play, and art interventions for neighbors. Public Health AmeriCorps members will also provide much-needed, local referrals for medical and public health services. 


Starts 9/1/23 - 8/31/24

Full-time (FT) members serve at least 1,700 hours, and can receive a living allowance of up to $18,000 and a Segal Education Award of $6,895 upon completion.

Three-Quarter-Time (TQT) members serve at least 1,200 hours, and can receive a living allowance of up to $12,348 and a Segal Education Award of $4,826.50 upon completion.

Half-Time (HT) members serve at least 900 hours, and can receive a living allowance of up to $9,180 and a Segal Education Award of $3,447.50 upon completion.


Reduced Half-time (RHT) members serve at least 675 hours, and can receive a living allowance of up to $7,142 and a Segal Education Award of $2,626.27 upon completion.

Quarter-Time (QT) members serve at least 450 hours, and can receive a living allowance of up to $4,762 and a Segal Education Award of $1,824.07 upon completion.

Summer Associate (SA) members serve at least 300 hours, and can receive living allowance of up to $3,174 and a Segal Education Award of $1,459.26 upon completion.

Monday - Friday, Select Saturdays.

All hours must be completed by August 18th or November 30th. Education Award will not be available to anyone that does not complete hours prior to 11/30/24.


Public Health AmeriCorps members serve groups of children or youth during the school year and summer in the great outdoors of East Harlem. CS' campus spans from East 97th to 116th Streets between Central Park and Randall's Island. Workshops and events will be located in CS' gardens, located within Jefferson and Washington Houses, on East Harlem's streets, and in local parks. 


Must be age 17+

Must have a high school or equivalency diploma

Must be interested in pursuing a career in the field of public health

Must be a US Citizen or US National or Lawful Permanent Resident

Must be able and willing to get to and from CS' East Harlem campus

Must pass criminal background checks

Must be fully COVID vaccinated


Are you interested in delivering outdoor, direct-services to children, youth, and community? Or connecting young people and families to vital health resources? Review role descriptions below to learn about each opportunity before you apply.

ROLE DESCRIPTION 1: Interested in training kids and youth in environmental health literacy and placemaking?


Skills Sought

Urban Planning


Non-Profit Management


Community Organization


Public Speaking


Team Work

Fine Arts/Crafts

Conflict Resolution

Public Health

Youth Development

Architectural Planning

Social Services

AmeriCorps members will conduct child- and youth-centered environmental health literacy and place-based service-learning interventions in East Harlem. As a result, young people will transform their worlds starting in their own backyards, and improve their healthy decision-making skills. AmeriCorps members serve children and youth with outdoor, experiential education to: 

  • Build environmental, health, and placemaking skills during school, after school, and camp within public housing based gardens and on city streets. 
  • Apply learned citizenship to collaborate with neighbors and policy makers to create spaces for physical activity.
  • Utilize and lead events in open spaces for community building, forming new gardens, art expos, and fitness challenges that neighbors respect and utilize. Some places where activities occur may have been previously developed, and others may be expansions or new.
  • Along with volunteers, support maintenance of the outdoor spaces. Members participate in public health and professional development trainings, maintain activity records, and assist with evaluations and fundraising to support programs. Members get outdoors, active, dirty, and sweaty in rain, shine, snow, wind, and other urban conditions. 

ROLE DESCRIPTION 2: Interested in supporting kids and youth to become their best selves?

Skills Sought


Public Health

Community Organization



Public Speaking


Social Services

Team Work

Youth Development



General Skills

Conflict Resolution


Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 4.10.34 PM

AmeriCorps members will deliver Participant Navigation of Services and Referrals For Medical and Public Health Services both indoors and outdoors within East Harlem. They will provide safe spaces for children, youth, and their families to express and address their medical and social needs by:

  • Meeting one-on-one with child participants and their guardians, as well as youth interns and staff, to engage them in meaningful conversations about pressing challenges, to create a plan for overcoming adversity, and to refer them for medical and public-health wrap-around services that are accessible, affordable, and safe for them. 
  • Providing skills-based group workshops on topics in which children, youth, and families seek information, guidance, or support. 
  • Conducting outreach within local schools, community-based organizations, public housing developments, and businesses to increase volunteerism outdoors. Members participate in key public health and professional development trainings, maintaining accurate records of activities, assisting with program evaluations, and raising funds to support community-building events and activities. 


Collaborating with community to create places people love that are inclusive, visionary, practical, sharing responsibility, flexible, and adaptable.


Interest in helping individuals access resources to lead healthier lives?

Ability to interact positively with individuals of all age levels and backgrounds?

Strong communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills, and ability to multi-task?

High initiative, and an ability to take direction, structure tasks, establish priorities, and set goals?

Service experience or education in Public Health, Youth Development, Recreation, Outdoor Education, Photography?

Interest in learning, growing, and participating in a community of learners and leaders?

Experience delivering project-based, service-learning experiences for young people?

High level of professionalism, integrity, service ethic, accountability, and responsibility?

Bilingual skills in English AND Spanish, Mandarin, or Cantonese a strong plus?

Ability to interact positively with individuals of all age levels and backgrounds?

Ability to solve problems, mediate conflicts, and exercise sound judgment?

Experience in and passion for the outdoors and leading a healthy lifestyle?

Linkages to East Harlem or the surrounding community?

Understanding of our mission, vision, and theory of change?

Potential to benefit from a year of serving with PlacemakingCorps?

If this sounds like you or if you want to answer "yes" to these questions in the next year, consider applying for PlacemakingCorps.

AmeriCorps Member Benefits

Up to $18,000 bi-weekly living allowance for Full-Time service. Stipends are taxed.

Up to $6,895 AmeriCorps Segal Education Award, upon successful completion of Full-Time service.

Student loan forebearance

Health insurance, if needed & accessing to free tele-counseling services

Partial Child Care Benefits (paid directly to child care provider, not to member)

Public Health Certificate, if all coursework is complete

Federal Apprenticeship in Environmental Health Education, if all coursework and service are complete

Childcare trainings

Exposure to guest speakers in environmental and public health careers

Coaching and peer support in the development of a 3-year life plan

Access to alumni network & opportunities

SNAP Benefits (also known as food stamps), if you are eligible

AmeriCorps and Concrete Safaris co-branded clothing


Members may receive:

Learn more about AmeriCorps benefits HERE.







November 30 for Full-Time

April 15th for Reduced Half-Time or fewer hours