Student Spotlight: Michele

Michele participated in our Summer 2020 Bridge Program and is an active member of the OLA Youth Leadership Academy.

What did you learn from your time with Concrete Safaris?

From my time with Concrete Safaris, I learned how to write my own resume, actively collaborate with my peers, and participate in a workplace. With my resume, I was able to land an interview for the first time. With the many things I’ve learned, I was able to be prepared for what comes in the future. I learned how to actively be a part of my community, and I was able to learn that there are many ways to better a community even through little things like planting.

 What was your favorite part of SYEP (Summer Bridge 2020) ?

My favorite part of SYEP was being able to learn what was important for my future while having a community of peers and mentors to assist me. I enjoyed hearing my peers, for we often shared our thoughts and ideas during projects. Even though COVID-19 has limited many of us from interacting with each other in person, in SYEP I was able to communicate with people my age.

 What opportunities has Concrete Safaris given you?

With Concrete Safaris, I was able to talk to people who work in Verizon. Luckily, I was partnered with people who were in business which I was interested in. I was able to ask them questions, and I was able to learn about what they do during work. Also, Concrete Safaris has let me experience online and first-hand the responsibilities of a job. I have learned the importance of being professional in a workplace setting.

How do you think you have changed since joining us/ Youth Leadership Council?

Firstly, I believe with Concrete Safaris I was given numerous opportunities and knowledge that will benefit me in the future. Concrete Safaris has taught me that there are many opportunities for me out there, and I should pursue what I love which would need me at my young age to seek out opportunities. Because of this, I have been seeking opportunities on my own time because there are many programs out there assisting youth. Since a part of going up is gaining maturity, one of my mentors at Concrete Safaris has taught me that the way I present myself represents my family, friends, and anyone who I’m associated with.  Also, since I have learned that your social media presence matters, till this day I try to think twice about what I post because future employers will be able to see it.