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Walk or run this outdoor fundraising event on Randall's Island so kids and youth can build outdoor leadership skills and experiences all year round.

How To Start

Your Walk Squad will make it possible for children to learn to bike and go on adventures.

  • Register yourself or a team. If you want to set up a team, you can register as a participant or as a non-participant of the team, and invite others to join.
  • Personalize your fundraising page. Add pictures and update the text in several areas to encourage your network to give generously.
  • Get ideas from the Fundraising Toolkit.
  • Make the first donation if you can.
  • Send emails, texts, and post on social media.
  • Use the campaign hashtag #CSHustle&Strive5K on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Thank donors, enter any offline donations you receive, and send the funds to us.


Customize your message and photos on your fundraising page, social media, email, text, etc.

Make a plan to reach your fundraising goal

Have fun

Create a sense of urgency with fundraising goals and deadlines

Ask everyone you know for support

Ask and ask again at least 5-7 days later