Celebrating 17 Years Of Youth Transformation The World

Starting In Their Own Backyards

Looking for ways to support children & youth?

Here are active sponsorship opportunities in 2024.

Hustle & Strive 5K: 11/23/24

Hustle & Strive 5K is an outdoor Walk/Run Fundraising Event on Randall's Island. Walk or run so kids and youth can build outdoor leadership skills and experiences all year round.

Green Exercise Days

Green Exercise Days are outdoor, educational field trips and/or community service experiences in our gardens.

Monday - Saturday, April - December

Transformation Celebration: 8/15/24

Youth, ages 14-15, in the Photo Cohort of CS' Outdoor Leadership Academy will host a Summer Youth Photo Expo at the Manhattan Borough President's Gallery.


Support youth design and leadership of outdoor activities on East Harlem streets and outside schools in parks and school yards.

June - September

Career Readiness Workshops: 7/8 - 8/16/24

Open a 14-15-year-old's eyes to the world of work in your industry with workshops on interviewing, resume review, and field-specific topics.