Highlights from Field Trip Fridays!

Butterfly Conservatory

Our city surfers spent a Friday at the Museum of Natural History’s Butterfly Conservatory! The exhibit hosts over 500 butterflies and our city surfers loved to see the colors and shapes of these fluttery friends. Second grader Shiloh said “I liked that all the butterflies had different colors and that they eat sweet water. I like that they make families”.  One of the guides taught us new facts about the species and pointed out butterflies that we can find in our own city. 

Brooklyn Bridge

For many of our city surfers, it was their first trip to the Brooklyn Bridge! The bridge, a classic structure of NY, wowed our youth as they made the journey from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Stephanie, one of our younger youth, said “ It was beautiful and I saw the Statue of Liberty!” 

Whitney Museum

Recently, our city surfers adventured to the Whitney Museum to take a tour of the “Artist as Experimenter” and “Making Knowing :Craft in Art” exhibitions. Guides of the museum provided our youth with background information on artists, mediums and styles of art. “I learned some art is history and used to remember people that did great things in the past” said City Surfer Jayden.  We are grateful to the Whitney Museum for having us!