This is the procedure to ask for a letter to be written on your behalf. Submit in an email to info@concretesafaris.org the following:


STEP 1. The name and address of the agency and a person (if known) to whom the letter is to be addressed. Letters will not be written as memos to no one in particular.


STEP 2. All specific information required in the letter in list form. Examples may include hourly wage, total gross wages, dates worked, start and end dates, etc.


STEP 3. The date by which you need the letter to be executed


Here are the rules of engagement:

1. Requests will only be granted if this information is in writing by email.

2. Allow at least two weeks’ notice of the request.

3. Do not text, stop by the office, relay the information while speaking to a supervisor or other staff member, and expect a response. For every request that you may have, there are likely at least 5 people ahead of you who have asked sooner and/or been more thorough in their request. In all cases, refrain from screaming your personal business across the office and/or at any staff member. A clear email is sufficient.

4. Unless otherwise authorized in writing, Mac Levine is the only person who can provide you with an official Concrete Safaris letter. Do not ask any other staff member to provide a letter for you, or to relay information for you about a letter request. Do not pre-write a letter unless you are asked to do so. If you need a letter written, it is your responsibility to provide the information required in STEPS 1 – 3 above.

5. Requests will be answered on a first come, first served basis.

6. Not all requests may be granted.